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About Us

About Us

Contemporary Christian artists Higher Ground are passionate about three things:  God, family, and music. This group, also known as Robbie, Denise, Courtney, and Jadyn Grimes, brings all of these passions together and shares them with each audience they are privileged to stand before.  Whether performing their hilarious skits, sharing an original song, leading worship, or speaking about what God's Word says about life's trials, Higher Ground seeks to encourage families by pointing them to Christ and showing them the importance of placing God first in their lives and in their family.

Following a long history of amateur and professional musical experiences, including theme parks, musical theater, and church groups, Robbie and Denise were brought to a place where God changed their focus from singing to please the crowd to singing to please their God.  This husband and wife team has performed many genres of music in the past, but for them nothing compares to sharing God's love and faithfulness through song.

Responding to God's call, Robbie and Denise formed Higher Ground in 1997.  A few weeks after completion of a demo project in 1999, Denise gave birth to their first child, Courtney.  At that time, they felt God wanted their primary focus to be their family so they continued serving the Lord locally.  They performed in their home church, at several local churches and various community events, on several other artists' projects, and wherever else they felt they could minister without neglecting their family roles.

During 2003, God began showing Robbie and Denise how to merge their desire to sing for Him with their commitment to family.  This couple believes others need to hear that God loves their family and desires to be at the center of it.  They recognize that there are so many problems within families today, because families are not committed to each other the way God intended.  They pray that through their words and music, God will draw families closer to Him and to each other.

Several years ago, God allowed an opportunity for Higher Ground to expand their ministry focus.  This came in the form of a disease.  Denise was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune blood disease that has changed their lives forever.  The family is now able to reach out to others who are struggling with chronic pain in their lives and encourage people who can not seem to find God in their struggles.

God has also allowed this family to experience the "labor pains" of foster care and adoption over the past three years. Their journey with their two boys began in October of 2011, and they experienced the great joy of adopting their youngest boy, Bradyn, in September of 2013. They are still praying for Bradyn's brother. This journey has brought this family not just to their knees, but flat on their faces before their Creator. They are continuing to learn to trust God in the hallway while they're waiting on the door to open, and they love to share with other families how God has shown Himself faithful every day.

Their desire is that every person they meet leaves them with an understanding of the gift of salvation Jesus Christ has to offer and a renewed feeling of joy, peace, and commitment to Him and to their family.  Together the Grimes family strives to do God's will and sing for His glory.  Together they are reaching for a Higher Ground.








Upcoming Events

Technology Workshop
Liberty Baptist Church
Sweetser, IN

AM Worship Service
Cosperville Baptist Church
Wawaka, IN

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