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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

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"I had to write to tell you that we cracked open the devotional tonight...we couldn't get passed the worship time...one hour later we were still singing praises to God! This is a whole new take on devotionals for us and we were a little scared of the singing part because we aren't musicians...it rocked our world! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!"

"I love your "Our House" series! My best friend gave us The Mustard Seed for my daughter's birthday a couple years ago. She Feel In LOVE! For the next years birthday we had to get the other 2 movies. My husband and I love how all 3 of children {4, 2.5, 1.5} interact with this series!"

"Great job ministering to our church.  Everyone felt encouraged and I felt we worshipped.  THANKS"  Pastor David Fisher, Franklinville Free Methodist Church, NY

"If anyone needs a GREAT singing group that will bless the heart, fire the mind, and encourage the soul...request Higher Ground. I guarantee a blessing."  Pastor Will Lohnes, Hope Chapel of Greenville, SC.

"Please accept the sincere thanks of the TCOM Board of Directors for sharing your ministry at Christian Parenting Day 2012. Your music ministry was wonderful, and we were so blessed by you both! The 'music message' you presented was inspirational, and sharing your gift of music with our children was a special blessing for all in attendance. We know that God's plan of strengthening the home was accomplished, in part, through your gifts. We give thanks and praise! We also want to say a special "thank you" to Robbie, for leading the T4 Technology Workshop."  Linda with Thumb Christian Outreach Ministries, Elkton, MI.

"Dear Robbie, Denise, and girls, I had the privilege of hearing you sing and meeting you on the 21st of August at Southern View Chapel, Springfield, IL. I got one of your CDs and my children, 2 girls (aged 12 and 10) and a little guy (aged 8)love listening to it on the way to school. Of course every time "Daddy hold me" comes on, Daddy cries. Just wanted to encourage you in your ministry. For me you stand out as a family and group that always seek to put Christ first. Love in Him, Pastor Wayne Gordon, Johannesburg, South Africa."

"We love the (Selah!) cd. We gave it to the kids for Easter. You all are so talented. Thanks!"

"Out of the blue yesterday when my daughter and I were taking a walk outside she said daddy can we watch lights out tomorrow? She hasn't watched it since before my wife and I left several weeks ago - it was obviously a hit with her! I havent told her there are other titles yet... I suppose I should surprise her with another :D"

"Thank you so much for having the Family Fun Fest. When you are planning and you think of the families you are doing this for, you're thinking about us. We're that family who can't really go out, but want to do things together. The only movies our kids have ever watched at the theater are your Our House movies. And we know we can bring our kids to Higher Ground events, because we don't have to worry about what types of activities will be going on. We know it'll appropriate for our kids and safe. Thank you for having these events for people like us."

"I don't know what we'd do without your music. We get in the car, and our kids ask for the CD. They have specific numbers on the CD that they ask for."

"We LOVE your new CD. It has become our new favorite. I love "I'll go where you want me to go"...and all the others. My children are singing along. I'll continue to pray for you."

"Thank you so much for blessing our Easter service in a big way! It was wonderful! I heard many good comments. One of our church family members said, 'That was one of the most inspirational worship services I have everbeen a part of.'... Awesome. =) "

"As I am watching your DVDs for the millionth time today since I am home with sick kids I thought I would let you know how much the kids have really enjoyed them.  Even my 19 month old sits and watches with her full attention."

"I know that in order for us to get our full blessing that He has in store for us, God has to teach us through suffering and heartache and He has to bring people into our lives to help us open our eyes and to soften our hearts to Him.  I continually believe that you were one of those people put in my path to help me get through the struggles and trials that were coming my way...you gave me so much encouragement, you touched my heart and helped it soften toward God's plan...You helped me see that even through pain and suffering, I should lean more on God instead of farther away.  God put you in my path for a reason, and He's helped us stay in touch for a reason...He's using you to reach people, and I thank God that you've helped me become that much closer to God."

"Our little boy (3 years old) recently got your Mustard Seed DVD.  I just wanted you to know that he absolutely loves it!!  He talks about it frequently and takes it to watch when we visit family.  I'm not sure what direction you are going with your ministry, but we would love to see a kids audio CD with the music from your DVDs and any fun kids music you've come up with!  We hope the Lord continues to bless your ministry as you follow His lead!"

"I want to express my appreciation for the ministry of Higher Ground.  I appreciate the fact that on or off the platform they are the same.  Their ministry is not a performance, but they truly minister from their heart and their life experiences."

"We enjoyed the music and drama they presented to us at the Montrose Bible Conference.  Their music was encouraging and uplifting.  Their dramas taught meaningful lessons as they portrayed life experiences that their audience could identify. I also appreciate that Robbie and Denise were here for our guests.  They interacted with our guests throughout the time with us. I can whole heartedly endorse the ministry of Higher Ground. I know they will be a blessing to you." - Jim Fahringer, Executive Director, Montrose Bible Conference, PA

"Robbie and Denise Grimes, along with their children, are a living, breathing picture of a family that finds its adhesiveness in Christ.  And what a joy it is to see and hear a young couple who can encourage other families through their music, stories, and drama.  They truly are devoted to helping family members, whether young or old, attain the Higher Ground of God's presence in the home." - Steve and Annie Chapman

"Our people here really had wonderful things to say about your family and your ministry last weekend.  What a blessing!  God is certainly using your family to draw people to Himself."

"Your participation in our worship service infused us with renewed freshness.  Through Higher Ground's unique presentation and your Christ-like spirit [our] ministry has been enriched and deepened.  You modeled true worship that is comprised of both "spirit" and "truth."  Furthermore, you challenged us to reach beyond our normal worship experience and grasp a "greater way".  Thank you for this gift."

"Thank you for doing the Family Fun Festival.  I heard comments saying it was a true worship to God.  Not a service to praise Higher Ground, but a true time of worship to God...Thank you again for your hard work in bringing the Festival to Danville."

"You guys are awesome - Where do you find the energy?
Oh yea, from Him!!"

"Just wanted to let you know, the CD you and your wife recorded has been such an inspiration.  My daughter loves listening to it also.  I have given a few as gifts.  Let me know if you plan to record another.
Thanks for your ministry"

"We thoroughly enjoyed listening to your family sing.  Thank you for bringing the spirit of Christmas to us!"

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  What fun we had at the event on Saturday, and you were a big part of it.  Many people told me on Sunday morning at church how much they enjoyed your music."

"I look forward to hearing you guys play again and hope to bring you guys back again sometime."

"Their heart for people and ministry is what makes this team so special."

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