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New for 2015!:

Family Worship Night: If you saw one of our concerts ten years ago, we were a young family seeking to teach our children and other young families how to shine Jesus' light and grow in Christ as a family. That purpose hasn't changed. It was the mission for our devotion book as well as our children's DVD series. We still want to help families worship together and grow closer to Christ together. In fact, our concerts are even more focused on that now than ever before. We would like to introduce your church to family worship nights (or days)! This looks different for every church, but could include a family activity time followed by a family meal, then worshiping as a family with our family through exciting, live music and testimonies!

Purity Event: We would like to help your tweens and teens establish a lifestyle of purity. This isn't about a one-time commitment not to have sex until marriage, but a lifelong surrender to seek the will of their Heavenly Father who loves them and wants the best for them. Our family wants to partner with your church or organization to hold a purity event where Courtney and Jadyn will share their hearts and what God has taught them about purity. The attendees will also hear from Denise and the choices she made as a teen, and Robbie will share from a Dad's perspective and answers the common question, "when should I start dating". This can be set up as an evening banquet or an all day event with times of worship, interactive activities, and commitment. We will partner with you to create a fun, yet challenging and impactful event!

Technology in the Home: A Blessing, Not a Curse!: See the technology training area below for more information about this creative family workshop.

Full Concerts:

If you're planning a special church celebration, an outreach event, or are simply looking for a change in your usual Sunday service, Higher Ground's full concert will be a perfect fit.  Robbie, Denise, and the girls share their family experiences through original songs, skits, and testimonies.  It's a time for families to come together, worship the Lord, and draw nearer to Him and to each other.  Up to 75 minutes
Read testimonials from some of our Full Concerts.

Festival Concerts:

Higher Ground brings excitement and family fun to any community or church event.  A festival concert would include Higher Ground's original music as well as selected cover tunes.  Up to 2 hours
Read testimonials from some of our Festival Concerts

Seasonal Concerts:

Spend the holidays with the Grimes family as they share some of their favorite family traditions with you.  The Higher Ground holiday concert, affectionately titled "Come Home for Christmas," is filled with wonderful arrangements of the some of the best Christmas classics of all times, including "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and "O Holy Night," as well as several recently released songs that help families focus on Christ.  Robbie, Denise, Courtney and Jadyn will take you out of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and remind everyone about the real reasons to be thankful this holiday season.  Higher Ground also offers special celebration concerts for Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Mother's, and Father's Day.  Click to find out more about this season's Christmas concert "Come Home for Christmas".  Up to 60 minutes
Read testimonials from some of our Seasonal Concerts.

Outreach Events:

Higher Ground would love to be a part of your next outreach event. It is imperative that we "go into all the world and preach the good news." We do that through our Family Fun Fests and Movie Premiere Events as well as when we partner with churches and other groups to show love to a specific community. Our partnership role has been everything from leading craft times and songs with kids to doing mini-concerts during carnivals to doing a full concert to end a great day of fun.
Read testimonials from some of our Outreach Events.


The ministry of Higher Ground is a great addition to any marriage retreat, ladies' or men's retreat or conference, family camp, or pastor's conference.  Robbie and/or Denise will work with your event organizer to create Christ-focused worship times, focused sessions on marriage and family, as well as a concert set if desired.  Pulling from Higher Ground's own repertoire, special request cover songs, and praise and worship music, they strive to create an atmosphere where Christ is exalted and the people are edified and prepared to receive God's Word.  Speaking topics for sessions include the following:  "A Biblical View of Parenting," "Seeking Him in the Silence," and "Press On with Passion."
Read testimonials from some of our Retreats, Conferences, or Camps

Parenting Seminars:

Are you looking for an innovative way to reach out to young families in your community?  Offer a quality Christian parenting seminar to young families in the church and community from a licensed therapist.  Denise earned her Master’s in Social Work in 1999, has taught many parenting classes for young parents, and was a child and family therapist for 5 years.  Robbie's background as an educator and technology trainer for over sixteen years brings a different viewpoint. Together they bring a wealth of professional and personal experience to the seminar, but most of all, they bring a new understanding of what God’s Word says about parenting. "Teaching Families how to S-S-Stick Together in Today's World using Today's Tools: Helping family members feel Safe with each other, Spend time being real, and Speak each other's language in a meaningful way."
Read testimonials from some of our Parenting Seminars.

Technology Training:

Is your church or organization looking for a fresh way to reach out to the families in your community? Offer a Family Technology Seminar for the families in your church and community. In "Technology in the Home: A Blessing, not a Curse", families will learn the basics about how to use technology in the home to bring glory to God while also protecting the family members. Technology can be a wonderful tool that can be used to bring families closer together, and Robbie knows just how to do it. He holds a Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Indiana University and teaches students and teachers in the Wayne Township School Corporation daily in the use of technology as a learning tool. He has taught his webpage creation class and other technology classes in the master's program at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis), is the webmaster for several active business websites, and has designed several others. Robbie is frequently asked to come in and share his knowledge and expertise with staff in other school districts.

Upcoming Events

Technology Workshop
Liberty Baptist Church
Sweetser, IN

AM Worship Service
Cosperville Baptist Church
Wawaka, IN

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